Drum roll please…

What a great surprise to return home from a river trip to find that I am one of the winners of the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you to the blog Finding Ann MacGregor for recognizing me!  I am floored by the recognition and deeply pleased by her simple description of my blog, “…like a breath of fresh air; so enjoyable”, which is exactly the tone I strive for in my blogging.  Like many bloggers, I started “Hooked On” for myself.  Most recently, I have been smitten by the blogging community as I have received feedback, comments, and compliments from others in this virtual world, which has alerted me to the fact that my words and photos resonate with others too.

  The rules of receiving this award are:
1. Add the award to your blog
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link to their blog.
3. Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4. List the rules.
5. Give the award to 15 or more bloggers.  I had to swell this to 16 (oops!).  I couldn’t help myself.

7 Random things about me:

  1. I have an incredible propensity to hurt my fingers.  In my lifetime this has resulted in one finger partially and permanently cut off,  another with 13 stitches, and too many smashings and “near misses” to track.
  2. Being on a river relaxes me more than anything.
  3. I love live music!…and if I am at a concert, I want to find my way as close to the stage as I can…even as I approach the ripe age of 40.
  4. Speaking of 40,  I love getting older and feel more comfortable in my skin each year.
  5. The love I have for my friends and family can bring me to tears.  I feel so blessed.
  6. I love drinking coffee in bed.
  7. I love anything food:  I love reading cookbooks, Cooks Illustrated, food blogs, eating in restaurants, watching cooking shows, hanging out with “foodies”, and cooking real foods.

What a great award!  I now have the pleasure to award The Versatile Blogger to 15 of my favorite blogs.  If you could peak at my RSS feed, you would see I actively follow at least 4 times this many blogs.  As I spend more time in this virtual community, I find more blogs each day that amaze, inspire, and lift me.  In no particular order the award goes to:

  1. A Beautiful Mess – a beautifully created blog featuring design, fashion, and DIY projects
  2. Heartfire Project – a blog about getting to know yourself, creating, and living your best life
  3. Make Grow Gather – an inspiring gardening, food, and DIY crafty project blog
  4. Simply Scratch – a food blog of recipes, taking you back to the basics
  5. Smitten Kitchen – a food blog with beautiful photography and fantastic recipes that I almost always want to make
  6. The Adventures of Teafly – an art educator, artist, and radio host who creates beautiful and whimsical art (much of it for sale)
  7. Peaches and Keen – a lovely blog about family, plants, art, design and many more beautiful things
  8.  i Heart Organizing –  the description is in the name
  9. Let’s Explore Play Everyday! – endless and simple activities to do with kids
  10. Aesthetic Outburst – a sweet family blog about living creatively in rural New York
  11. Laugh, Paint, Create – a rich blog full of art projects for kids
  12. Justin Musk – a frank straight-shooting blog about creating what you want in your life
  13. em Papers – a blog about nothing but beautiful paper.  Boy, do I love beautiful paper.
  14. UtilituSEW – a blog showcasing the art of sewing and design
  15. Extreme Advanced Beginner – projects and preoccupations from a creative badass
  16. Tambi Lane Photography – an artistic photography blog to inspire you to get outside and capture the best light

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