Relax and Reboot

What did you do this weekend to Relax and Reboot?

I had the pleasure of spending the last 4 days on the John Day River in eastern Oregon with my family and friends.  Rivers remind me to take the path of least resistance, flow over obstacles, and move no matter what.  Sometimes life can seem stagnant and I can become paralyzed by the challenges, defeat, and failures.  The river reminds me to flow onward in light of whatever challenges lie ahead and to find a path through the boulders, strainers, and holes. The sound and mechanics of water inspires and replenishes me.  I hope that your weekend helped to replenish you and will stay with you through the challenges you may face this week.  If stopped or slowed down, remember to flow like water.

This photo (from a different trip) is from the McKenzie River (also in Oregon), which came with the bonus hot spring.

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