Involve your kids in reducing and reusing!

When I was a kid, the mantra Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle was prosthelytized and presented as if the three R’s were equal.  I think our generation approaches the three R’s with a bit more sophistication, realizing that they are in fact not equal and placing a greater emphasis on reducing and reusing will leverage more for our planet than recycling.

In our home, we wash ziplock bags, save jars for the bulk section, use cloth grocery bags, and practice a lighter way of living EVEN if it is inconvenient and sometimes a little more expensive.

Once a month, I pack up our jars, containers, and bags, and head off to the store to fill the necessities from the bulk section.  I enlist Finn in assisting me fill the containers with our provisions.  I tell myself that enlisting his help is building in him a life-long habit of reuse and living a little more lightly on the planet.  At the age of 4, the jury is still out.  Regardless of how his adult habits evolve, I know that doing this chore together is good for my soul.

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