The perfect Father’s Day gift!

Two weeks until Father’s Day!  This year I found the perfect gift and miraculously the time to execute it.  Since Finn is the only grandchild on both sides and our only child, I often turn to him for gift inspiration.  Who doesn’t like original art, stories, etc from a smart, witty 4-year old?  Typically anything “Finn” is appreciated.

This year I was inspired by an image on Pinterest and while our Dad was away, we took the opportunity to execute the following picture.  I made the signs.  Finn reluctantly held them up for a short photo shoot.  I picked my three favorite ones and put them together in “Photoshop”.  Voila!!!  I have uploaded the image below to Shutterfly and wrapped it around a black mug, which is now on its way to both of our “Pops” coast to coast, and of course our Dad too.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Dads out there!

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