Relax and Reboot

What will you do to Relax and Reboot this weekend?

For me, climbing has been my “go to” activity to find solace amidst the very busy “end of school year” days.  I have been climbing for 17 years and although it remains one of my favorite sports, my “time on rope” diminished drastically and became nearly nonexistent with the birth of Finn.

Due to the addition of “auto-belays” in our local gym, climbing has returned to my life and become a family activity.  We go together, climb near one another, cheer each other to the top, and walk away exercised and relaxed.  This has inspired weekend days spent at Smith Rock State Park walking, picnicking, and climbing with family and friends.

Many of my favorite “thinkers” proselytize the value of living in the present;  a way of life I strive for daily.  Climbing jars me into the present moment quickly, forcing me to focus on what is directly in front of my face.  Climbing leaves no room for tomorrow’s agenda and lengthy “to-do lists”.  Climbing reminds me that the most important thing is happening right now and if I am not paying attention, I will miss it!  The more time I spend in the present, the more gracefully I am able to navigate crux moves, challenging lines, busy schedules, grumpy kids, long to-do lists, and final productions.  So here’s to another weekend to relax and reboot.

2 responses to “Relax and Reboot

  1. Life does tend to get easier as they grow older. It is difficult to find contentment in the mundane, which is what baby-hood embodies. Hang in there! Remember, this too will pass.

  2. I’m reading this while attempting to mentally escape from my fifth hour of the day spent bouncing on an exercise ball in a dim room hoping my baby will “go the fuck to sleep” already! I love your little reminders of life outside this baby treadmill. What great imagery of your little family. Thanks 🙂

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